Understanding Epic Comics

Marvel's Epic Comics imprint was announced as a new approach to submissions. There's a lot of useful information available about it, but it can be difficult to track it all down. And it's a challenge to wade through the marketing "spin" on the Epic site and look past the scandal-seeking and paranoid rumours on Web message boards, to get to the facts and find balanced advice.

This site is an attempt - by someone who neither despises nor worships Marvel Inc. - to bring the factual and pertinent information together into one place, and to look at it with an open - but skeptical - mind. My goal is to be tough, but fair... to you and to Marvel. One of the key features of the site are my interpretations of the contracts, from the creator's perspective. Those pages explain in clear English what Marvel is asking you to sign, and what it means to you. Rounding this out are pages with the latest news, inside information and speculation about the "missing" contracts, helpful advice about writing and submitting scripts, and assorted odds and ends.

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